APPA Mundi Announces Where's My Car? For Windows Phone 7

Wednesday, October 13 2010

APPA Mundi is excited to announce the launch of Where’s My Car?, a Showcase application designed for the highly anticipated new Windows Phone 7 platform. True to its name, the Where’s My Car? application allows the Windows Phone 7 user to record where their vehicle is parked with the click of a button and uses GPS to navigate the user back to their car. This may be to a parking space in the street or to a particular place in a car park. The application also allows the user to set a parking meter timer. This warns the user right on their Start screen how many minutes they have to get back to their car using a simple scale of colours from green to red. “Where’s My Car?” is available in multiple languages including English, Spanish,French, German and Italian and is available from the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Where's My Car

Full Press Release (.PDF)

Product Details

APPA Mundi extends Perst database to Windows Phone

Thursday, July 01 2010

Today McObject, embedded database developers, announced formal support for their Perst database system on Windows Phone 7 following a port written by APPA Mundi's Andy Wigley. Perst is an open-source database engine for Java and .NET Framework. Andy successfully ported the code to run on the Silverlight runtime used on the upcoming Windows Phone 7 platform. When Windows Phone devices ship in time for holiday season 2010 there will be no database engine on the platform which application developers can use. Perst supports storing its data within the Isolated Storage accessible to a Silverlight application.

“Three cheers for APPA Mundi and their initiative in driving Perst for .NET in this direction,” - McObject CEO Steve Graves

Along with the database engine itself Andy ported a sample CRM application to run on Windows Phone 7 using the Metro user interface design.

"Building a database for Windows Phone 7 qualifies as epic, The guys over at APPA Mundi have done something that certainly caught our eye.” - Brandon Watson, Director  Windows Phone Developer Experience, Microsoft

You can read McObject's press release here. Read more about the port in Andy's blog posts one and two.


Tech-Ed Panel Discussion: Windows Mobile Development

Friday, July 11 2008

At Tech-Ed in Orlando last month a few of the Windows Mobile presenters, including APPA Mundi's Andy Wigley, discussed development for mobile devices in a panel session. You can view the recorded session here:-
Tech-Ed Panel Discussion

APPA Mundi at Tech-Ed 2008

Thursday, May 29 2008

Tech-Ed Developers 2008

Andy Wigley and Peter Foot will be representing APPA Mundi at Tech-Ed Developers in Orlando next week with three sessions in the Windows Mobile track:-

  • MBL315 Personal Area Networking on Windows Mobile @ 1:00PM Wednesday, June 4th S230 G
  • MBL403 Building Custom Sync Providers for the Microsoft Sync Framework @ 2:45PM Wednesday, June 4th S230 G
  • MBL301 Accessing RESTful Web Data Services in the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework @ 10:15AM Thursday, June 5th S230 G

Links and downloads for these sessions will be made available on our Tech-Ed 2008 page.

Andy and Peter will also be available during the week in the Ask The Experts area.