6 pets that are liked all over the world

Pet keeping is a very common habit around the world. The fascination for pets is there due to numerous reasons. Pets are useful, cute and above all they can make a person live longer. They give unconditional love to their owner and are always faithful to them. Recent trends show that keeping pets is becoming an increasingly popular hobby and hence there has been a drastic increase in the number of families opting for pets. But then the question of which pet to keep arises which makes the decision a very challenging one. There are few pets that are liked and preferred more by people than others all over the world. The top 6 pets that are most popular include fishes, dogs, cats, hamsters, birds and fishes.

  1. Fishes

Fishes are placed at the top of the popularity chart. Fishes tend to make home decor more attractive and it is very easy to maintain fishes. Above all keeping fishes is a source of fun and joy for many people. There are specific breeds that are preferred more than such as goldfish. Freshwater fishes are liked more as pets than the saltwater fishes.

  1. Dogs

Dogs are highly liked and loved as pets. There are numerous reasons that people all over the world are in favor of keeping them. loyal, protective, affectionate and playful just a few qualities to name. it has proven through research that loyalty of a dog to his master is second to none. Moreover, dogs are easy to keep as they do not require immense care.

  1. Cats

Cats are favored as pets all over the world. Cats are very playful and calm pet. They tend to get really attached to their master and hence develop a very special and deep bond. But cats are as loyal as dogs as they get a little selfish at times. The most liked breeds of cats include Siamese and Persian cats.

  1. Hamsters

Hamsters are a huge hit. They are very easy to keep pet due to that they are small in size as compared to other pets. They are not very expensive and are easily available at almost all pet shops. Hamsters are very independent and can do not disturb a lot if they are provided with all their necessary requirements. Hamsters are adored most by children.

  1. Birds

Birds are caged and kept as pets due to their beauty. There are thousands of bird species and the majority of them are kept as pets. Many species such as birds from the Macaw family are not only pretty but very rare. The birds that are liked the most and kept in a home include canary and parrot. Birds have a very long life if provided with great care and hence can be very wonderful and faithful companions.

  1. Snakes

Though wild and mysterious, snakes are highly liked as a pet. Snakes that are born and bred in captivity are preferred as they are safe to keep and are more tamed. They are low maintenance pets and require minimum space. They are no worries with regular feeding and are very calm pets.