6 Tips for Observing Wildlife

6 Tips for Observing Wildlife
6 Tips for Observing Wildlife

No matter if you want to observe wildlife for research purposes or just to be entertained and amused by the amazing beauty of wild birds, animals, and plants; you do not need to go far deep in the wilderness and spend a hefty amount of money on expensive equipment. Wildlife is all around us, from the backyard of our house to the underside of some rotten wooden log, wildlife is all around us.  All you need to do is to follow some simple tips discussed in this article to have one of the best wildlife observation experiences

Let’s Begin,

1. Get Up Really Early in the Morning

Sparrows at the edge of the wall

The two most suitable times of the day observation are either super early in the morning or just before the sun starts to set.  These are particularly good because at these times animals and birds are either leaving their cover to feed or coming back to their cover after feeding.  Overcast weather also brings a lot of wildlife out in the open; hence it’s also a great time to observe.

2. Be Quiet and Silent

Be Quiet and Silent to observe the wild life

Animals and birds are very sensitive and often very scared of humans, so it’s better to make as much sound as possible. Not making any sound helps in two ways, first, it makes wildlife comfortable, and second, it lets you listen to animals and birds. Often times you can hear them before you actually see them.

3. Move Against the Wind

Move Against the Wind to observe the wildlife

Wildlife of any sort, be it birds or animals, have an amazing sense of smell. If moving or observing in direction of wind animals can smell you from a far distance which might scare them away. It is advised to move or be in a direction opposite to the direction of the wind. It is also advised not to wear a sort of perfume or scent.

4. Patience is the Key

be patient to observe wildlife

There is no guarantee you will be successful in having an amazing observation every time you try to. Sometimes you might need to be super patient and wait for desired wildlife to appear. It is a matter of luck and experience, so be patient and use your past experiences to maximize your chances of getting desired observation.

5. Come Prepared

a backpack for observing wildlife

It is better to come prepared with basic necessities to be able to fully enjoy your experience. A well-prepared observed always comes with clothes appropriate for any weather condition. A field guide is always helpful to let you identify the species you observe. Being millennial capturing what we see in a photo or video is a must so do come prepared with a camera and a binocular.

6. Provide Feed to Wildlife

deer feeder with deers

Sometimes you might have to attract animals towards your observation post. For example, you can attract deer herds close to your backyard by placing supplemental feed in deer feeders. Deer feeders are readily available on the market. You can choose a deer feeder according to your need. From fully automatic to gravity deer feeder, a huge variety is available to choose from.