6 Unexplored Ways of Getting Public Attention on Instagram

6 Unexplored Ways of Getting Public Attention on Instagram
6 Unexplored Ways of Getting Public Attention on Instagram

Do you want to attain more of the public’s attention on your Instagram page? Here are 6 of the best unexplored ways of getting public attention on Instagram:

#1: Flaunt Your Hidden Talents to the World

If you are an incredible artist, show off your art to the world and go wild with it. There are numerous art lovers that would willingly appreciate your work and it is a form of eye-candy for anyone who loves art!

In the same way, if you are a singer or play an instrument then post your music! After all who doesn’t appreciate and enjoy a good tune or song?

This also mostly depends on being able to target the correct audience who would be interested in your content.

#2: Make Complete Use of Instagram Tools

Get creative with the help of Instagram tools! There are several options on Instagram that can assist in making your posts more noticeable and attractive to the eye.

For instance, instead of posting a plain and basic video try to use different tools provided on Instagram such as fast forwards, slow-motions, superzoom, rewind and the most popular of all are the boomerangs!

In the case with pictures, try to use different filters and experiment with the editing option on Instagram.

This not only helps in creating an interesting and distinct post or story but also helps in attaining the public’s attention.

#5: Follow an Instagram Theme

One thing that has largely been a popular trend on Instagram is people following a particular theme that is attractive to the eye. Try to develop a particular theme that is personal to you and then post pictures in line with the theme that you choose.

It can be a minimalist theme if you prefer to keep it subtle and simple or it can be selective colours or a rainbow theme if you’re fond of all the colours.

If you’re feeling bold you can opt for the puzzle theme, tiles theme, row theme and you can go wild with so many other themes.

#4: Always use HASHTAGS!

Always use hashtags to tell some part of your story regarding the post. Hashtags can be used to convey a one-word message that is funny or ironic; which the relative audience will understand instantly and maybe even get a good laugh out of it?

Although hashtags are important to attract new followers, one should not go crazy with them. Try to select a few hashtags per photo instead of posting an entire paragraph of hashtags.

#5: Utilize your Passion and Interests

Identify your inner passion and use that passion and interest to communicate and create a connection with the outer world since there are numerous people that could have similar interests as yours.

For example, if you are a makeup enthusiast you can review makeup products and cosmetics or if you’re skilled at doing makeup then you can create makeup tutorials. Or you can buy Instagram followers from Tweetnfollow for your makeup brand to grow fast.

Moreover, if you are a passionate foodie you can attract other foodies on your page where you could post pictures of tasty dishes. Although a fair warning is that, it will definitely leave their mouths watering!

#6: Attract and Interact

One key element in keeping your follower count increasing is by attracting followers and constantly interacting with them. (QUICKSPROUT)

Firstly, in order to attract more people to follow you, the page’s bio should be made interesting. This can be achieved by using keywords that can summarize your identity and personality in a few words. In addition, add hashtags and make use of a few emoji’s.

Secondly, interact with your followers in order to keep them interested. This can be done by being active on Instagram and posting constantly, using captions that may start up conversations and also by replying to your followers.

Another method to interact with your audience is to go live and create an even deeper connection with your followers.

Hopefully one or more of these will help in getting your follower count growing!