Notepad++ is considered as one of the most famous code editors for Windows. It is most resourceful text editor for Windows because of its playback features, syntax folding, multi-view, macro reading, syntax highlighting, multi-document, customizable GUI and many more. Notepad ++ has the utmost popularity due to its tremendously fervent fan base who don’t want to use anything else other than Notepad++. This is open source and free text editor that was released back in 2003 by Don Ho. Notepad++ is written in C++ and created on Scintilla that is powerful editing component. It makes the code editing easier due to free open source library, error indicator, line maker like code breakpoints as well as line numbering in the margin. In this post, you will discover best alternatives of Notepad++ mac that will offer you same features and works as Notepad++ but will be compatible with your Mac OS device. Let’s delve into it!


Sublime Text

Sublime text is available for both Windows and Mac. Mac is not the open source operating system as compared to the Window that makes it difficult to find software for MAC. You need to have a license that permits you to install sublime text on your PC. It is not pretty much expensive and is available in $70 and you can also use its trial version for free before purchase from its official website. It has two versions that you can purchase, one is Sublime text 2 that is the latest version and other is Sublime text 3 that is a beta version with some extra features.


Atom is considered as a true replacement for Notepad++ mac and iOS. The best thing is that it is open-source software which is totally free to use. It is contemporary and approachable and yet anyone can hack it to its core. It is an extremely powerful text-editor that is developed by the GitHub team. And the best part about this open source software is that you can change anything about it. You can also change its looks and feel by installing different themes. You can even feel of your UI with CSS/Less, add more features, and twist the look that matches your workflow with the help of HTML and JavaScript.


UltraEdit is a smart text editing software which makes columns and editing lists and will not give you the tedium feel when you use it. It will give you the ultimate intuitive experience that is the best text editor in the world. It has appealing features such as multi-select, multi-caret editing, multi-cursor power editor and column/block editing. UltraEdit has also built in customizing options for UI. You can use this open-source software on numerous platforms. You can but UltraEdit and UltraCompare for $100. You can also but the full suite of software from IDM for $100 per year. It is a great deal for all of the functionality you buy, isn’t it?


These are the best alternative for NOTEPAD++ MAC that is also suitable for Windows and iOS. Leave a comment and let us know which one you will choose from our recommendation list.