How to configure router with IP address?

Do you want to know how to configure your router with IP address the easy way? Are you looking to tweak a few settings to make it appropriate for your use? Well, changing the settings of your router are relatively easy and you can easily make the adjustments you like. With or any other default address, you can access the control panel of your router and customize it as per your use.

Login to

Start by logging into Open your browser and type A page will open in front of you that asks for a username and password. In order to log into the account, you can simply put the default details and hit enter (until you haven’t changed them manually).

Some people may not know about the username and password details. You can easily get them by turning your router upside down and take a look at the details listed below. There, you’ll have a default access section which provides you a url, username, and password.

If not, you can simply use your model number and manufacturer name to get to know about the details. Type your model and manufacturer details in google search and add ‘default username and password’ at the end of your query. Hit enter and you are likely to end up with a result that provides you login information.

Change the settings you like

As you enter the control panel, you can make a number of different tweaks to the settings of your router. For instance, you may change the router’s proxy settings or set up the DNS, also known as the domain name server, for appropriate transferring and receiving of data. Moreover, you can also change the DHCP client and receive data in a different manner.

Also, you can change the wifi functions such as the name and password of your wifi, number of clients who can use it at once, ban the Mac addresses that are using it, and hide its visibility to hinder unwanted access.

What if you can’t login to

There are instances when you are unable to login to the It is totally right and your router might be perfectly alright. You can check the router’s login address through your terminal. For windows, click search and enter ‘cmd.’ Click on Command Prompt and enter the command “ipconfig/all.” Check the default gateway and see the local IP address of your router to know where to login.