How to find the name of a song?

Sometimes people listen to some random beat or a song and it gets stuck so bad in their mind that they wish if they knew the name of the song so that they could listen to it. That’s quite irritating that a person thinks about a song constantly but never identify it. As a solution to this problem many applications have been designed that helps the users to find the songs of which they don’t even know the lyrics.

Identifying song with Shazam:

Shazam is a special application designed to identify the songs. It is very simple for the user’s to operate it on their phone soon after its installation. While song is playing on phone Shazam starts working as soon as the user taps the button. After it, Shazam starts recognizing to the beat or song and provides with all the relevant information about song, album to the users. It also provides the link of songs available on other social sites like YouTube. It works both on android system and on IOS. This application is also applicable on Windows.

Google’s advanced feature:

Google has introduced an advanced feature called ‘Now playing’ for the pixel phones. It works same as Shazam. It hears the music around the user and provides him with full details about the song after comparing it with the database. Even after the pixel phone is removed it still have the ability to provide details of music as Google listens to the song already.

After the great success of Google’s feature of providing song details via ‘now playing, it now has introduced one more feature that is ‘Sound search ‘ which has much more ability of connecting to database and more capacity to perform. On searching the name of a song on Google it will provide all its possible details immediately to the user.

Technological advancements making it easy to find songs:

Now a day’s new applications and devices are being produced that have made the life of human beings much easier by providing them appropriate solution to their every problem.

Alexa is a device that basically operates as Google assistant which provides its users the accurate results. Users just ask the device about a song and it starts operating soon after listening it.

Siri too is a hardware used for the purpose of finding names of song. It works exactly same as Alexa. The common thing about them is that they only operates on IOS system.

Google Search – Solution to all problems:

Google search is really helpful in finding about all the details of a song as it provides people with most accurate results. Google will start showing a list of songs when a line from lyrics is typed on the search bar. After that one can easily pick up the song that matches to the music he had listened to or the song he is looking for. It is one of the most basic and old ways to find a song apart from installing different apps on phone to match the lyrics stuck in the mind of people with the search results. Sometimes when the other applications fail to provide accurate results, Google search provides the users with details of song.