How To Get Gum Out Of Hair With Simple Methods

How to get gum out of hair with simple methods
How to get gum out of hair with simple methods

Chewing gum has several merits and demerits. One of its dangerous demerits is its stickiness. The synthetic rubber and resins in it makes the chewing gum sticky. And the strong chemical bond present between them (synthetic rubber + resin) makes it difficult to remove from diverse objects, especially hair. Moreover, a few chewing gums are hydrophobic. 

All of the above characteristics of chewing gum make it removal from shoes, hair, and cloth an arduous task. And when it sticks to hair at that time instead of resorting to scissors, to get the gum out of hair try various household tips and tricks. I jotted down a few tips and tricks for your convenience. 

Removal Of Gum From Hair

When the chewing gum gets in your hair it makes them messy. The solution that piqued in my mind is scissors to get the gum out of my hair. But this is not the only solution that works, there exist several other methods. Let’s discuss them

Peanut butter

It is a hydrophobic, thick, and oily substance. By the dint of it, you can easily reduce the sticky nature of chewing gum and which ultimately leads to the removal of gum from your hair. This happens because of the hydrophobic properties of both substances that make them adhere to each other instead of the dry hair. 

How to get gum out of hair with simple methods

Cover the affected area of your hair with peanut butter. Spread it with fingers and wait for a few minutes. The gum will become stiff after a few minutes and become removable.

Cooking oil

Cooking oil also holds the hydrophobic properties. That’s why the substances in the cooking oil will easily break down the stickiness of the chewing gum. And it does not cause any damages to the hair. Following oils are effective to get the gum out of hair i.e. olive oil, canola oil, coconut oil.

How to get gum out of hair with simple methods

Make sure the application of oil is to the affected area of hair. Then, rub it gently by using your fingers. And after a few strokes of your fingers in the hair the gum will be removed.

Ice cubes

How to get gum out of hair with simple methods

If you find the use of cooking oil messy then you have an alternative i.e. ice cubes. Ice cubes are used to get the chewing gum out of hair. The freezing ice cubes have the potential to reduce the stickiness and make the removal process easy.

For the removal purpose, apply ice cubes on hair until the chewing gum gets stiff.


Vinegar is also used to remove the chewing from the hair. It removes the gum out of hair by breaking down the bonds present between hair and gum; solvent. And it also leaves a strong odor.

How to get gum out of hair with simple methods

To get the gum out of the hair, saturate the affected area of the hair with vinegar. The removal of the gum depends on the time of hair soaked in vinegar. The longer you soak, the easier will be the removal.


In a nutshell, the process of getting off the gum is bit of a nuisance. But by putting a little effort, you can easily get the gum out of your hair.