How To Select The Best Mouse for Counter Strike?

How To Select The Best Mouse for Counter Strike?
How To Select The Best Mouse for Counter Strike?

Mouse for gaming must have some specifications, if you are a counter strike player you must understand the importance of a gaming mouse. There are different gaming mice available in the market but not all have the required features. The right gaming mouse smoothens your gaming experience while a wrong mouse may hinder your path to success. Therefore it is important to keep your hand on a mouse with all required features to lead you to win a game. Let’s focus on some features you must check in a mouse before making any purchase.


Size of Mouse

The size of a mouse in comparison to the size of your hand determines comfort level. A big mouse is perfect for a gamer with big hands, but this is the opposite for a person with small hands. Standard mouse often comes in size compatible with average hands. If you want a smooth game, it is important to purchase it by matching it with your hand.

Type of Mouse

There are two types of mouse, the laser one and the optical one. No doubt both works efficiently. Mouse with laser is quite fast; however, it jitters sometimes, which is an unintentional movement of the curser. This can be disturbing for a player. In contrast, an optical sensor mouse can work best on every surface and also has a high click per second rate.

The optical sensor mouse is the right choice if you want to play counterstrike without any disturbance.

CPI (Clicks Per Inch)

Gaming Mouse

The speed of a mouse directly depends on the CPI of the mouse. Clicks per inch determine the clicking speed of the mouse while playing Counter-Strike. It is basically about how much a cursor moves on-screen with the physical movement detected on a pad. If a mouse has high CPI, the player needs to put less effort into his side. A mouse with high CPI is important if you aim for fast clicking and achieve a high score. 

Durability of Mouse Buttons

Gaming is all about fast and extreme clicking. A regular mouse may not survive long or may stop working correctly in these conditions. Mouse for games is specially designed and made of good quality strong material. However, gaming mice are a bit more costly than others, so if you plan to purchase a simple one, cancel this now. A gaming mouse helps you to play effectively and stay longer with you.


Gaming Mouse

Some mouses come with an acceleration feature in the market, it increases click per second rate, but it has no worth for gaming. Acceleration creates unwanted movements, and pro players find it disturbing during gaming. But you can turn off the acceleration feature in settings. Suppose you purchase a mouse with this feature just off this before play and enjoy.


If you understand all these features and focus on them while purchasing one for you, it will be worth buying. For a shooting game like a counterstrike, you must choose a mouse with high speed, durability, and sensitivity to achieve a record-breaking score. I hope all these guidelines will help you to choose the right mouse.

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