How to use Bicycle Playing Cards?


Bicycle Playing Cards is a type of cards game which has been widely played in the U.S region. It has been developed in 1885 from the brand which is known as The Bicycle. Later on, it became USPCC which is United State Playing Cards Company of Cincinnati. The reason behind the display of bicycle in the playing cards was the high popularity of bicycles in that time. Due to this it became as the trademark for the playing cards.

The Outlook of the Bicycle Playing Cards:

These playing cards are of usual in 52 in number like the rest of the playing cards. The deck consists of red and black cards. This design is also known as the French deck which contains the four groups of cards such as spades, clubs, hearts and diamonds. Other than these cards there is also a pair of joker cards and also a pair of information cards.

Using Bicycle Playing Cards:

Bicycle Playing Cards can be used or played just like the rest of the usual cards. Some of the games are played with the standard deck which consists of 52 cards, there are some games which do require the use of joker cards and an extra deck. Following are some of the games which can be played by the Bicycle Playing Cards.

1.     I Doubt It:

This game is played by 52 cards. It can be played by two and more than two players. Cards are equally distributed between the players. The object of this game is that the first player who gets rid of all the cards is the winner. The game is played in such a way that the player has to draw two or three cards upside down on the table by saying whichever type of cards it is, the cards are played on the basis of ranks. The other players have to ‘doubt it’ turn by turn. If the doubt is right then the player who drew the cards have to take in all the cards and if not, then the player who made the mistake of doubting it has to take all in.

2.     Bridge:

This cards game is played between four players. A single or double deck can be used for the Bridge game. It is considered to be a complicated game as compared to other cards games. The game is played with the standard deck which consists of 52 playing cards. Four players are required to play the Bridge. This specific game has two parts, the first part is the bidding one and the second part is the playing one. The bidding is done the basis of the four suits. The spades have the highest values while the hearts, diamonds and clubs have the lowest. In the playing part the value is same for all the suits. For beginners it is recommended to start just with the playing part because the bidding can be confusing for them. The value of the ranks is the same just like most of the other games.