How you can Increase your Instagram Followers

The soaring popularity of Instagram has attracted the marketer and they are using this platform in the first place to promote their brand. But only posting your content on Instagram is not enough, you need to have a massive following base to stay ahead of your competitors. In this article, we will discuss some ways of how to increase Instagram followers.

How to increase Instagram followers

Embrace Humor To Increase Your Virility Coefficient

Humorous content is always the first choice of people. To create a funny photo or video to garner new followers. Whether you are a large business or a small business, this tip will increase your virility coefficient.

Host Live Events For Instagram Followers

People always love to watch live event because live event creates the fear of something missing out among existing and potential followers. Host live events and show off your generosity. It also encourages the non-followers to follow you instantly.

Take Your Follower To Following Ratio Into Account

However, everyone has a different school of thought about the following ratio. Some people consider these accounts suspicious that have a follower to following ratio close to 1:1. Ideally, to become a credible account, your following ratio should be less than your IG followers. To make a perfect ratio, buy Instagram followers.

Prepare For Changes To How Instagram Suggests Content

Like social media giant Facebook, Instagram also introduced the suggested content directly into the feed of Instagram users. If you are a marketer then you should prepare for changes that how suggested content works. It can be a challenging situation for businesses or brands to reach out to potential and existing followers if the changes take effect.

View Your Own Instagram Profile On Mobile

However, most social media marketers tend to view their accounts on the desktop at work but try to view your own Instagram account on the mobile phone. That way, you can fix the unplanned issues.

Reply To Those Who Comment On Your Content

When your post gets more likes and comments (more engagement) then Instagram’s algorithms distributed your post organically. Encourage your followers to like and share your post by adding a call to action at the end of your caption. Also, reply to those who comment on your photo or video.

Use Co-Marketing To Reach New Audiences

Co-marketing is an effective way to reach out to potential followers and it is equally beneficial for both companies. Recently, Instagram has launched a new feature called ‘account takeover’ that is one of the best ways for co-marketing.

Learn As Much As Possible About Your Target Audience

Try to learn more about your target and potential audience and make it a keynote part of your growth strategy on Instagram. You can take some time to interview your existing followers to understand their interests either professional or personal.

Be Patient

Be patient because growing millions of followers is not like overnight fame. You need to have patience because marketing strategies can take some time. Also, motive your colleagues to have patience.