Listeners Vs followers! How to keep track of attention on Spotify

Game of listeners and followers! The thing which keep me astonish is that mostly an artist has thousands or millions of followers. And its followers are increasing day by day but what about listeners approx. 100 or less than 100 listeners on a monthly basis. The accountability of an artist is checked by comparing the follower to the listener ratio. It should be 2 by 2 not 220000 by 200, this thing is really heart wrenching. It seems good and lavishing to have thousands of Spotify streams, even if the playlist plays have less than millions followers but have listeners equal to the followers.

Sometimes it happens an artist has thousand of plays but has a small number of followers. This involves the powers of plays that fascinate the listeners and compel them to listen to the plays again and again.

Why is it important to keep track of attention on Spotify?

Keep track of attention on Spotify helps you a lot in managing your profile. And most importantly it helps you to refine your skills and potential. This will help you to upload stuff which increases your followers and listeners.

How to increase your followers and listeners?

Generate your own playlist:

Be creative and generate your own playlist. By generating your own playlist you will engage you with your audience, more you contact with them. There will be more chance that your followers will increase.

Show supportive behavior:

Don’t criticize others by using your profile. Always encourage other artists to work and promote to labels.

Build a connection with your audience:

Try to reach your audience i.e. followers or listeners by videos, online talks, or talk to them during your concerts. Tell them about your upcoming tracks and release date. So they listen to the plays and make it more enjoyable for you by increasing your follower and listeners at the same rate.

Quirky methodology:

If you want to keep the audience engages it works the same as on YouTube; if a person says that he wants to listen to your content then you will appear in his news feed automatically. Make sure to post stuff that attracts your audience. Try to use smart tricks that keep your audience engaged.

Be in the stories of influential musicians:

Try to spread your Spotify everywhere, be in the stories of the artists. This way your followers will increase. People will know more than they know you before. Strangers will come and check your profile so make your profile catchier.

Be patient:

The most important point, no one will tell you this. You have to be patient because patience brings consistency. In this way you engulf yourself more in work and try to improve your methodology and refine your skills.

In a nutshell, none has ever got thousand or million followers in a single day. They work day and night after passing long track of struggle, they got a million followers. So patience and consistency is the key to success. Keep working and earn rewards and bonuses. Life is not a bed of roses, mind it.

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