Solution for Education in the Arab World

The education system which is the backbone of any economy is not so strong in the Arab world. The Arab world which was known for its tradition in the academic record is not flourishing in the new world of technology. There is a need to take reforms for the betterment of education system so that the state will make changes in its system according to the future needs. This interactive piece of writing will put light on the detail about the problems faced by the Arab world education system and the solutions to these problems.

Education in old days in Arab countries

A few years back these countries were under the influence of European Colonization. There was a restriction in the region to have the education of the modern world. These people were provided with the compulsory education but in a way, that limited their ability to challenge and critical thinking capability. Even in the oil-producing as well as non-oil producing states, the economic development was varying and restricted. So, there was a need to reform the whole education in the way which will help them in the future.

Current situation

Now, there is a struggle going on in the Arab world for the establishment of a good education system. The students are not prepared up to the mark of the modern world needs. They do not have the ability to think about the decision-making scenarios critically. This thing is making them limit the business operations and restricting to the single point away from the new avenues of the modern world.

Some of the schools are managing to provide a high-quality education while some are still facing serious problems to impart sufficient level of skills in the students. Even the rural areas are still away from the facility of education.

Many reforms are taking place to improve this system. The most important problem in current days is the lack of qualified teachers in this area. This problem is persistent because of the low salaries and lack of opportunities for the people moving in this sector.

Role of 2020 Expo

The 2020 Expo is going to help in Dubai. It is believed that along with many other reforms which will be brought to this area with the economic development, one is education sector. With such a large number of expatriates coming in this region, opportunities will open in the field of education in following ways.

  • New investors will see the deficiency in the education system and tap this as a good opportunity for investment. By investing their resources, they can open new institutions in Arab countries.
  • The local students will get the opportunity to get an education from the foreign institutions on scholarships. By paying less money, they can get a high level of education which will serve in the best interest of economy.
  • Foreign students will also come here which will ultimately serve best in the interest of country because of the demand for quality education.

Reforms for the improvement in education system

There are some things that should be considered in this respect. The whole system needs to be changed by keeping the dynamics in mind. The main step is to teach the children from the small age. When the children learn to speak freely and think his critical thinking capabilities increase.

Conducting active learning sessions

Active learning session makes the learning very effective. It allows them to become open-minded. They learn about how to accept the opinion of others and how to become the sovereign member in the society. This is the most effective learning technique which will provide a lot of benefit in the Arab society where the main problem is about the ineffective learning sessions.

Well-trained teaching staff

The presence of well-trained teaching staff is really important. They will make the students multiple aspects of the single concept. This will reduce the political instability and have a boost in the growth of the economy. The need of traditional lecture-based sessions is no more. The teacher should be skilled enough to impart quality education.

Use of mass media and infrastructure

In this advanced world, it is not possible to impart the high level of education without the proper means of educating the individuals. The mass media is really important because it makes the understanding of the students even easy. Also, the efficient infrastructure and healthy learning environment motivate the students in participating in the education.

Policy development

Because of the poor condition faced by all the Arab countries, it is necessary to make a proper code of conduct that will guide the whole education system in carrying out the activities smoothly. These policies will serve in the best interest of the countries and development of education system will take place.

How education benefits the Arab world

The Arab world is a large market in many scenarios. The main advantage they hold against other competitive countries is the amount of oil and natural gas reserves. They also have coastal areas which provide the largest seaports in the region. All these facts point out that this area has a huge potential for trading activities. For the effective conduct of trade, the people of this region needs to have quality education and critical thinking capability.

The proper training sessions make the teachers capable of imparting quality education which is important for this area. The Arab world is really lacking in the field of education because of the rule of other people on this place.

The establishment of good quality schools in large amount will make it possible for the student of rural areas to attend schools and make their way into high-quality education institutions.

The resources of the place which are now exploited by the foreigners coming to this region will be used by the local people that will bring more profit to the country.

Importance of education for success

The most important factor which promotes the quality education in this region is the social development and economic stability. In this century, although they are having a huge level of success there are certain parameters that need to be met to gain lifelong success. For the education system of the Arab world, there are some points which will contribute to future success if they are met successfully.

  • The most important thing in their favor is critical thinking capability. The main advantage of this will be the achievement of democracy in their The whole system is centrally controlled and to be more successful in the system there is a need to have a democratic system.
  • Problem-solving ability is also important. It will enable them to analyze problematic situations and then make decisions in the best interest of all.
  • Digital literacy is also a vital factor for success. The new means of imparting education make it possible for them to have a successful future ahead. Being familiar with all the latest technologies and learning techniques will provide access to the external
  • People will also become responsible regarding civic and social accountabilities. They will understand the environment needs and know that what kind of contribution is expected from them for the success of the nation. If right tricks are used, they can touch huge parameters of success by using these small techniques.

Growth in tourism through education

By having a strong education system, the Arab world which is famous for the tourism industry will gain large success. Some of the major reasons are here.

Educated guides

Millions of tourists come to this region every year to explore the great and beautiful places of the world. Also, a lot of development has already taken place in the area that it has multiple high-end buildings and construction miracles. To exploit this opportunity in a more profitable manner, there is a need to educate the tourist guides in a way to make them visit this place again and again.

Foreign students

With the improvement in the education industry, when most of the local students will visit foreign countries, exchange programs, multiple foreign students will also visit this place. This will bring new taken to the place, and tourist industry will gain a lot of success.

Success in Business world

With the improvement in the education system, the business world will also flourish. People will expand the business operations across the boundaries of their own nation and gain success over the longer run. Now opportunities will be created in the country, and more people will come to this region to learn about the demographics and economic success.

So, all the problems which are faced by the Arab world regarding an education system can be resolved by following the techniques provided in this article. The future growth and opportunity will grow, and youth will have a better thinking pattern. People will know to raise a voice for their right and development will also take place in the rural areas.  All these factors will lead towards the democratic environment in the future.