Some important facts about MENA region

The region between the Middle East and North Africa is known as the Mena region. These are some of the important facts about the MENA region. It includes some of the major states and countries. These countries were ignore but now their progress is much faster. They are contributing a lot towards modern world. Recently, industrialization and growth of economy through FDIs has been observed in the region.

Few important facts about Middle East countries

The most important fact about middle east countries is about their camels and horses. These countries have a huge variety of camels and horses. Rich people around the globe purchase these horses. These horses have a proper bloodline. They are properly brought up and trained in the art of racing. On the other hand, camels are one of the beauties of middle east countries. These camels are not only strong, but they could travel for weeks on the deserts. These camels are strong, and their meat is delicious. People purchase this beautiful and strong animal for riding and tasting its meat.

The hamster was discovered in Syria. This hamster was founded by a zoologist. The zoologist was visiting the Syria when he founded about the hamster. This was around 1930 then he took back those 11 hamsters. After different experimentation, only two pairs of the hamster were able to breed. Then later these hamsters were transported to all over the world. Every hamster in the world is a descendant of that Syrian hamster.

The ancient Derinkuyu underground city was discovered in Turkey when a man destroyed the wall of his room. This happened in 1963 before destroying the wall man was unaware about the city behind his wall which was underground.

The biggest building in the world is named after the president. That president name is  Khalifa bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

Few important facts about the North Africa

North Africa is quite different from the other region. This part is different ecologically as well as historically. This region history is more rich and diverse than another region in the Africa.

Most of the civilians in North Africa are Islam followers. These countries in Africa come across the Islamic belt. Hence most of the people living in these countries are Muslim.

There are three major factors in North Africa those factors are distinguished all over the North Africa. The first factor is Sahara. The second factor is Maghreb, and the third factor is a nice valley.

Arabic is used as the official language in most of the countries. All the North Africans have adapted to this language, and they communicate most of their dealings in this language.

A Jewish minority can easily be founded in Morocco. The Islam is the main religion of the country, but Christians are founded in the Egypt.

Many countries gain independence after the world war two. Most of the independence came by 1950 and 1960.

Therfore, it is worth reading and visiting Mena Region because it is an important part of the world.