The impact of community supported agriculture

The CSA is a form of partnership between agricultural producers and consumers. They underwent an agreement to facilitate each other. Farmers under this partnership produce food items at agricultural land by taking money from consumers. Consumers become members of this community and take services of farmers for agricultural products for their daily usage. They reward the farmer with money. This agreement is made for a specific period ranging from 6 months to one year. Farmers take money before starting production process and deliver food items at the doorstep of members. These food items may include vegetable and fruits. Food items can be extended depending on the affordability of consumers. People from a community can enter into this partnership. The expense of producing an agricultural product is divided among the members of this community. More members can lead to lower money given to produce food items. Risk and rewards associated with production process are shared equally among members of the community. Both of the parties get benefit in this way.

Community supported agriculture impacts on consumers, farmers, and society. We discuss these impacts one by one.

Impact on consumers

This community impacts on consumers in a positive way. Consumers are members of this community who join this partnership with the farmer. Consumers get healthy and nutritious food to eat by their families. It provides them a healthy life. In addition, consumers do not need to go to market daily to purchase vegetables and other food items. They do not need to get tired in the market in the sunlight of a day. They can get more food items along with vegetables. Agricultural products can be extended to fruits, meat, eggs and other related items.

Impact on farmers

Farmer is a producer of agricultural products through harvesting and sowing. He can get benefit by providing services to members of the community. He can get a monetary reward in return for providing services to consumers. The farmer gets money before starting production process through an estimate of expense. This depends on partnership deed inclusions. They can use this money for production as well as personal purposes. They can get more reward when members in community increase. It impacts positively on the income growth of farmers.

Impact on society

Community supported agriculture impacts on a society greatly. It provides help to consumers and farmers who need support to each other. Both of the parties support each other through different ways to strengthen the society and economy of a country. Risk and reward are shared equally among members of this community. Members have to meet an anticipated cost of farming activities. They have to protect farmer’s salary after entering into a partnership. The government of various countries introduced several programs for the support of farmers and consumers. You can be a member of this community by entering into the agreement.

So, community supported agriculture is beneficial for both parties. It impacts on the society positively. Members in this community share risk and rewards equally. Along with basic salary, farmers can be facilitated with allowances as well. This community impacts greatly on the welfare of society.